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  • Introducing Bella

    August 6th, 2013 she Posted in Terrify’n Space Monkeys   No Comments »  

    A few years ago we fostered a few small dogs for the CaliCan Rescue Foundation. They are a wonderful non-profit organization that brings small, unwanted dogs up from California to get a new lease on life in Edmonton. After successfully fostering a pup, we ended up self-selecting ourselves out of their foster pawrent pool when I adopted Zoe.

    I’ve since learned that we were CaliCan’s first “foster fail”.

    After Fenris passed away, we decided to begin fostering for CaliCan once again. CaliCan needed temporary homes for their new dog-izens and we didn’t have any plans to adopt a new pup so soon after Fenris had passed. Drew claims he had no intention of adopting a third pup again.. and I know I sang that song and dance as well..

    Since Cinn (Sam), I’ve been pretty specific about the pups we’ll foster. They have to be female. OK, so that’s not really specific but it can limit a rescue organization when they’re trying to find foster homes for pups. But for the sake of our sanity, and the state of our home, any fosters have to be female. Hypnos can be a real handful otherwise.

    Thus Angie came to stay with us for a little while.  Angie, an Italian Greyhound & MinPin mix, was a bundle of curiosity and energy but lucky for us, she didn’t fit in with the family or our other beasties.  After a few fits and starts in the trial visit stage, we sent our 3rd foster pup on her way to her new permanent home in Andrew, AB.

    Then the CHEESE flight arrived. After some hemm’ing and haw’ing with Kari about which pup we’d bring into our home, Kari decided to give us the bigger of the two. So instead of Brie, we ended up with BabyBel.

    Who then proceeded to steal the hearts of everyone in our home. While I gave epic speeches listing all the reasons why we had no intention of adopting a 3rd dog at the CaliCan Fundraising BBQ and Adoption Event, Bella was busy worming her way into our hearts.

    Like all our dogs, she’s had a rough start. She was a rescue from a hoarder’s home and had been stuck in a shock collar (despite being far smaller than the recommended minimum dog size for collar use) for a significant amount of time. She’s both timid and fierce, energetic and languid, all at once.

    At the BBQ we learned her original name while in foster care in California was Bella. She responded to it so well we decided not to rename her something different upon her adoption. Rather, we gave her back her “old” name.

    We’re thrilled to be welcoming Bella into our home on a permanent basis.


    We’ve rejoined the ranks of “foster fails”. Once again we’re no longer able to foster dogs for CaliCan.

    If you’re looking for a new dog to add to your family please adopt a rescue dog and give them a second chance. For small dogs, CaliCan Rescue Foundationshould be your first choice. Larger dogs (and sometimes puppies) can be adopted from HART or SCARS. All of these excellent organizations can also use foster homes for rescue dogs and, of course, financial support. Please consider helping them in any way you can.

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    Fenris Wolf

    April 5th, 2013 she Posted in Terrify’n Space Monkeys   No Comments »  

    Once upon a time there was a young couple living in military housing in Winnipeg. Days after moving in, their house was broken into and the door busted off the hinges. Military housing took 3 days to put a new door on the house. The wife couldn’t sleep and was scared. So they decided to get a dog.

    They were told the dog they were rescuing was an 8 week old GSD. After the first trip to the vet they learned they adopted a 1-2 yr GSD/Coy mix, starved & scared of men.

    She blossomed. Never grew to the giant size expected originally. Partially due to her Coy genetics. Partially due to a harsh puppy-hood.

    She loved. She adored playing in water. She grinned like a fool. She camped. She ruled the house as alpha as two new dogs were added to the family over the years. And always, she kept us all feeling safe & loved.

    14 years & 4 months later, she crossed the rainbow bridge. Goodbye Fenris Wolf. We shall all miss you.

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    Introducing Zoe

    August 28th, 2010 she Posted in Terrify’n Space Monkeys   7 Comments »  

    A short time ago we started fostering small dogs for the CaliCan Rescue Foundation. They are a wonderful non-profit organization that brings small, unwanted dogs up from California to get a new lease on life in Edmonton. Our first foster, Cinn, was adopted on August 16th and promptly renamed Sam. He was a cute little chihuahua but not exactly the type of dog I would have wanted to keep for myself. First off, he was male, and secondly, he kept trying to eat our cat Bubba!

    This week I’ve been getting to know Sandy – a 2+ year old chihuahua mix (perhaps terrier?) – who’s had quite the interesting life so far. The shelter she was being housed at burnt down when the CaliCan Founders were in California to pick up dogs that were slated to be euthanized so they made some last minute room in their plans and rescued her as well. After one adoption fell through, she remained with Rene and Kari waiting for her forever home. We don’t know too much about her history – so I’m hoping Rene and Kari can keep me honest and correct anything I’ve gotten wrong here – but she seems to have perhaps been abused somewhere along her short life.

    Me, I’m a sucker for sweet tempered dogs who’ve had a rough start. Our oldest (Fenris is 12+ years old now) was severely abused, underweight, and terrified of men when we adopted her. Hypnos (now 6) was a throw away dog. Animal control found him and the rest of his litter mates in Elk Island park wandering around campgrounds. He was the only one to survive 4-5 months in the wild.

    Zoe (greek for “Life”) is a gentle and sweet dog who needed a forever home. She’s not the usual dog I’d pick. I’ve learned that I definitely have a type when it comes to breeds. Usually I’m all about shepherds. However, she’s got a gentle temperment and, giant bonus, seems to have no interest in making a snack out of our remaining cat Bubba (13+ years).

    Drew and I have talked a lot over the past few years about getting another dog. Fenris is getting older and may soon go off to the great dog park in the sky. Hypnos will be devastated when that time comes. Since they day we brought him home he has been fast friends with Fenris and he’s never been alone. When she has a bad day and doesn’t want to move around much now, he doesn’t want to leave her side. When Fenris was younger, perhaps about 9/10, I had considered getting a puppy. At the time, Drew thought it was too soon to get another dog but we both agreed that Hypnos would need to bond with another dog long before Fenris passes away (hopefully not for years and in her sleep) or he might just pine away without her. And I, who have a type bias when it comes to dogs, wanted an Alsation (GSD). Drew wanted a smaller dog, but one that had some shepherd in it, perhaps about the same size as Fenris and Hypnos (50 and 65 lbs). He thought an Alsation would be far too big four our little mouse house. He’s probably right.

    Fast forward 3 years. Fenris is getting much older and it shows in her walking and a bit in her personality. She’s getting old and crotchety like me. She doesn’t like long walks anymore and prefers to just toddle around the block before yanking your arm out in her haste to come home. Some days she doesn’t seem to want to get out of her dog bed in the morning. On colder days she doesn’t move around much and last winter was very hard on her. I expect this winter will be the same.

    Fenris is too old now to bring a puppy into the home. She doesn’t need a puppy that can’t respect her space to crawl all over her all the time. This summer we realized that we’d waited far too long to bring a young dog into the home. Fenris could have easily handled the stress of a new puppy at 10 years old. Now it would be asking a bit much of her.

    Enter my friends at CaliCan Rescue. They were in desperate need of foster homes for the dogs they are rescuing. We were in need of a dog that Hypnos could bond with. So I decided to open our home to as many fosters as we could to help out. CaliCan dogs are usually older dogs (2+ years) and are already full grown. Some have behavioural issues – but that’s old hat when you’ve had nothing but rescue dogs all your adult life – and they’re smaller breeds. Cinn/Sam was only 7lbs and 1/2 the size of our cat! Rene and Kari knew I had an ulterior motive in my generosity. They knew I was hoping to find my own little dog to rescue and keep permanently. The downside of this, of course, would be that we couldn’t foster dogs for CaliCan once I’d found one to adopt. The City of Edmonton has a very strict 3 dog maximum rule.

    They brought Sandy over to my house last Sunday. We wanted to know how she’d fare in a home with a cat. At close to 20lbs, she’s much larger than Cinn/Sam was and there’s less worry about accidentally tripping over her. She’s big enough to play with Hypnos. And cuddle with him too!  Oh, and she’s female. That was one of my “make or break” requirements for a new dog. I wanted a female instead of a male. One male (Hypnos) in the house is more than enough!

    She was a bit skittish at first but the introduction with Bubba went well. She didn’t seem all that interested in her and Bubba was fine with that. As the cat that frequently crawls all over Hypnos and grooms him, she’s more than happy to hang out with dogs as long as they don’t try to eat her! We had a few little growly moments during the week, but overall both dog and cat are slowly warming up to each other. This was a very good sign.

    Over the week we’ve all gotten to know each other better. I warned Rene when he dropped her off for her home visit that if I decided to keep Sandy, I’d be promptly renaming her Zoe. She seemed to like this idea since I could not  get her to answer to Sandy at all but she immediately came running when I started calling her Zoe. Magic!

    Today we are finalizing the adoption for Zoe. I sent Drew pictures of Zoe earlier in the week and spoke with him this morning about her. He’s agreed that she sounds like a good fit for our home and is eager the meet her when he’s home from his tour break in November.

    As sad as I am to no longer be able to foster dogs for CaliCan, I’m thrilled to be welcoming Zoe into our home on a permanent basis.

    If you’re looking for a new dog to add to your family please adopt a rescue dog and give them a second chance. For small dogs, CaliCan Rescue Foundation should be your first choice. Larger dogs (and sometimes puppies) can be adopted from HART or SCARS. All of these excellent organizations can also use foster homes for rescue dogs and, of course, financial support. Please consider helping them in any way you can.

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    RIP baby girl

    June 15th, 2010 she Posted in Terrify’n Space Monkeys   5 Comments »  

    Arrived home from family vacation to learn that my oldest and most favoured pet passed away yesterday.

    RIP baby girl. I’m going to miss you like crazy. Too young & too cranky to be gone from my world already. Thought we were going to grow old together. The house seems “wrong” without you in the kitchen to greet me when I open the door.

    Thanatos Guppy Cheshire Kitty Cat (1995-2010).

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    midnight panic mode

    June 14th, 2008 she Posted in Art, Vittles & Beer, Terrify’n Space Monkeys   2 Comments »  

    We didn’t go to karaoke last night. I had a paper due and L, J and Drew weren’t in the mood. Since L and Drew are building a garage today (and tomorrow if they don’t finish), I don’t think either of them had any intentions of staying up late. The backyard gathering – started at L & J’s and moved to E & V’s around 10pm – was pretty dead by midnight. Having to work or handle school the next day tends to put a damper on the party spirit.

    As the party was breaking up, one of the neighbours came over to borrow some DVDs. I’m not even sure if that’s legal anymore under the newly proposed copyright law. It’s not law yet so I guess I have a few more months to worry about it. In the meantime, we’ll continue to act like the neighbourhood video store and share our perfectly legal store bought purchased movies with our neighbours who want to watch them. I know. I used the evil share word. I just can’t see much of a difference between someone coming to watch the DVD at our house, on our TV, sitting on our couches, and eating our popcorn and someone borrowing the DVD, walking next door or across the alley, and watching the movie on their TV, sitting in their couches, and eating their own movie snacks.

    Anywho. R picked out a few movies and headed up stairs. As he was leaving he left the door open and Bubba, our 10 year old blue point Siamese snuck out. She was lightening quick and I couldn’t catch her as she ran by me on the deck. Over an hour of panicked searching of the neighbourhood ensued. Running Walking up and down streets and alleys with flashlights calling “Bubba” got us no where. The evil man who let her out – by not shutting the door behind him – toddled home, brought Drew a flashlight, and then toddled back home once again. Apparently he didn’t think it was important to try and help us find our previously housebound cat.

    It did end well though. In all our wanders in and out of the house while we were searching for Bubba, she managed to sneak by us once again. This time, it was to head back into the house and cuddle up on her cushion. We found her after I was saying her name in the kitchen while talking to Thanatos (yes, I talk to my cats). I said “Bubba” and immediately heard “meerow”. She has a very distinct meow. I called her name and kept following the “meerows” until I found her curled up on her favourite cushion in the basement.

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    drama on the home front

    April 9th, 2008 she Posted in Random Burbling, Terrify’n Space Monkeys   3 Comments »  

    While I was away someone stole my neighbours’ white pomeranian.

    According to Drew, the dog had been missing since the weekend. Our neighbours had thought that someone (they or the mail carrier) had inadvertently left the gate open. They figured she’d gotten out of the fenced yard and was off wandering. E and V have a large fence in the backyard and a small 2 foot one in the front. Fluffy was in the front yard at the time. Normally she’s not left outside on her own but V has been quite ill and didn’t stay outside with her that day. So, when V opened the door a few minutes later to let her back into the house, she discovered the pooch was missing. That started an immediate panic. E hadn’t returned from work. Friends and neighbours were rounded up to help V search for the dog. Calls were placed to the city pound and SPCA. Fluffy has both a collar and a tattoo so if she was found and turned in to the city, they’d be able to find her.

    People searched for days with no results. The city’s Web site listing lost and found pets was checked multiple times a day. No mugshot of Fluffy appeared on the site.

    V was in a panic. She’s had Fluffy for years. Since her diagnosis last year Fluff has been her constant companion while E is at work.

    Today as E was driving home from work he saw a couple walking a dog that looked suspiciously like Fluffy. He pulled over and called the dog. Fluff rushed over to him immediately. Then he was told a story. Apparently the couple walking Fluff had been approached by a man attempting to sell the dog just off the main road running through our area. They don’t know how many people he approached before he happened upon them. They were suspicious and refused to pay for Fluffy. Eventually, he gave Fluffy to them. They suspected she might have been stolen directly from the yard (pulled over the fence)and handed the dog back to E. He brought her home to V.

    Of course, I’m still wondering why they never called the number on Fluffy’s collar once they had her. Revise that. I’m a bit hazy on whether or not she still had her collar. Still, if they really were suspicious of the dogs origins, you’d think they’d have reported her to the city pound. Her tattoo could have been easily traced and her owners found.

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    monday blues

    March 3rd, 2008 she Posted in Terrify’n Space Monkeys, Where No Flan Has Gone Before   2 Comments »  

    We made it. We’re home. The truck is muddy and gross from driving through slush and storms. There will be time enough to wash it tomorrow.

    There was an incident at the puppy sitters (Hypnos was bad! Sorry Wendy) so we didn’t take the time to stop in town and pick up gifts and sweaters this morning before heading home. A thank you dinner will have to suffice this time ’round. I’m thinking wings and beer at Brewsters just might begin to make up for it. If not, Wendy and Drew can compare scars…

    Today is election day in Alberta. Drew and I voted at an advanced poll last week. We weren’t sure if we’d make it home in time to cast a vote today but didn’t want to miss out on the excitement of scribbling an X on a thick piece of paper. Oddly enough, I was registered to vote in our riding but Drew wasn’t. He had to be sworn in at the advanced poll in order to vote. Since both of our names are on the city taxes, mortgage and utilities bills, we’re not sure why he was missed from the voting roster.

    Hiding out in the wilderness sometimes means you miss important news. Arriving home today I caught mention in the news that Jeff Healey has passed away. I remember seeing Jeff play live well over a decade ago and being in complete awe of his talent and joy for music. His skills will be missed.

    Checking in with my class schedule has reminded me that – once again – I have but a few days to work on my latest History paper. Why is it that weeks just seem to fly by in that class? At least it’s not due until Tuesday of next week so I may actually get it finished early this time… At least I have another 2-3 weeks to get the next Psych paper in. For once they’re not both due on the same day!

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    Full house

    August 11th, 2007 she Posted in Friends & Family, Random Burbling, Terrify’n Space Monkeys   1 Comment »  

    This week we’ve been playing host to our 17 year old “nephew” from Winnipeg. In a short span of time I’ve quickly learned that teenage boys spend as much (if not more) time on the phone as girls, the “me first” attitude drives me bonkers, and I’d never survive prolonged exposure to teens.

    Of course, my views are somewhat coloured by the fact that I’m ensconced in my office working on my contract development work and only tend to see the boy when he comes to whine or complain about something.

    Today he’s supposed to be helping the guys with general grunt work as they re-roof our house but every time I go outside to see if anyone needs anything he’s sitting down looking miserable. He certainly didn’t enjoy being asked by Drew to pick up the nails and old shingle spill-over that’s appeared in the backyard after lunch. Granted, it could be worse (‘cept, he doesn’t seem to see it that way). He could have been ripping shingles off the roof, lugging bundles of shingles up the ladder, installing the shingles, or hauling away the old shingles into the bin in the alley…

    On Friday, we temporarily added 8 new feet to our household. We’re babysitting Snuggles and Rascal (don’t let the names fool you) while our friends are on vacation. Luckily for us, these two pooches are a bit smaller than mine, so if a war breaks out, they’ll probably end up doing about equal damage to each other. There’s no real unfair advantage.

    Last night we found ourselves nearly shoved out of bed when 3 dogs hopped in. We’ve gotten used to Hypnos sleeping at our feet over the years, but Snuggles and Rascal seem to be more of a “middle to top” of the bed group of dogs. Hypnos wasn’t the least impressed and made friends with a green-eyed monster. We’re lucky that Hypnos managed to control his jealousy until we woke up!

    Fenris, of course, isn’t the slightest bit interested in sleeping on a human bed when she’s got a perfectly good dog bed on the floor and wasn’t the least bit interested in the drama playing out above her.

    As for my work contract, I’ve gotten sign-off on my template so the contract is 25% complete. *yippee*

    I suffered a slight set-back on Friday when I was testing the content in a variety of browsers and discovered that IE 6 was completely messing up the formatting from my CSS. A bazillion hours of tweaking and testing later I’ve got it all fixed and have been slaving away today trying to get back on track. The draft is due to the review committee on Monday and I think I’m in good shape. I had 3 modules to complete between Friday and Sunday and have managed to finish up 1.5 of them. The day is still young and I still have all day tomorrow to work on it. I’m feeling pretty confident that it will all come together in time.

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    July 15th, 2007 she Posted in Terrify’n Space Monkeys   4 Comments »  

    Of our two dogs, one (Hypnos) loves the rain but despises all other forms of water. The other (Fenris) can’t stand the rain, but is nuts about the hose. She dives, jumps, snaps at the water, and can spend hours playing in the spray.

    Seeing as our lawn has been taken over with weeds, we’ve been trying to overseed to kills some of them off. Seeding, of course, requires lots of water for the seeds to take. Since it hasn’t rained here in eons, we’ve purchased a sprinkler to make our lives easier. Fenris is in love…


    On approach


    Starting the attack


    Diving in


    Jumping for joy. She’s pretty spry for a 10 year old!


    Hypnos checks out Fenris’ playtime from a safe distance


    Hypnos finds a dry place on the deck

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    May 15th, 2007 she Posted in It's a Living, Terrify’n Space Monkeys   5 Comments »  

    Since I start work tomorrow, tonight I get to do all the fun things I haven’t done in ages – like prepare my lunch the night before, iron a blouse, and try to get a full night’s sleep.

    It’s going to be odd working in an academic environment after so many years of working for a massive international corporation. If nothing else, I’m looking forward to the experience of knowing what my co-workers look like along with knowing their names and phone numbers.

    A side bonus of the new job is I’ll have a new location to randomly release books for Bookcrossing. Perhaps if I release them at a college, I may find more of them being picked up and read in the near future.

    I’m not exactly sure how the dogs will react to being alone all day once again. They’ve taken to acting out a bit when I go out for a few hours, so I’m sure it’ll be a challenge for us to get them back into a routine. Thankfully the hubby will be home on Sunday and will be able to help.

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