Guiltless tv viewing accomplished

Scribbled down on January 27th, 2009 by she
Posted in Random Burbling

Watched tv from the treadmill tonight. For the first time in weeks it didn’t automatically turn itself off after 20 minutes. Here’s hoping whatever was up with it before is now fixed!

I has a dream that the LOLcat fairy will bless me with a reduction in pant size x2 by the time Drew comes home. It’s all about losing inches or so I’m going to keep telling myself. Thus the tv viewing from the treadmill this evening. And hopefully every day between now and “Friday”.

Got some reading done for class. Had to throw that in for mommy R and Dr. D. Apparently I’m so busy writing about my fine procrastination skills that my co-workers are beginning to wonder if I ever manage to do my homework. Granted if they followed me on Twitter they’d know I babble about my reading assignments as I’m doing them all the time. *thupppttt*

More reading on deck for the next hour. To do list seems to be getting longer each evening.

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