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Scribbled down on January 29th, 2009 by she
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Apparently I wrote too soon when I said the treadmill was behaving. It decided to stop at the 1 mile mark exactly tonight. Before jumping on the treadmill I shoveled some of the snow and ice from the walkway today. It’s amazing what il do in the name of procrastination :)

I’ve got two chapters to try and chew through this evening and I’d really like to get another mile on the treadmill before bedtime.

I continue to be a rotten wife. I have yet to sit down and write Drew a letter this week. I have a small box ready to mail out but need to get off my butt and write a letter to include with the package.

Time to put down the iPhone, stop blogging, and start reading. Have a good night all.

UPPERDATE: 60 pages of the original million plus one left to read. I’ve just read the same page 4x with nothing registering. Setting it aside for the evening. Should be able to finish up tomorrow evening. 0.6 miles on second trip on treadmill. Lazy and brain dead tonight…

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