bye bye fall back position

Scribbled down on February 23rd, 2009 by she
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I spent a bit of time this morning on the phone with an EI service representative. Apparently EI does not normally pay benefits to anyone who is not actively seeking full-time work. Attending school full-time would disqualify me from receiving benefits.

However, since I’ve spent the last few years attending part-time while holding down a full-time job, I should be able to continue attending part-time while receiving benefits. Then again, EI may choose to deny an application based on part-time university attendance being considered a potential hindrance to employment availability.

[Insert mental rant here]

Gee thanks government safety net that our family has been forced to pay into for decades. Some help you’re turning out to be.


I don’t want (nor qualify for) a student loan in order to continue with the degree. So now I must search bursary and scholarship programs if I want to go to school full-time after the lay off. Seems far more likely that I’ll continue to be working full-time – if I can find a job – while I continue pursuing the degree part-time.

Back to the drawing board.  It appears I need a new fall back position plan.

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4 Responses to “bye bye fall back position”

  1. i got e.i. my 4th year of uni after having been laid off. i had worked full time hours and gone to school full time for a year and a half. my marks reflected that.

    can you get funding from the university to pursue your studies?

  2. I’ve never been on EI before. I qualified when I left my last job but found a new full-time position at the college before I collected on it. Actually, I ended up starting my current job the day before I received notice that I had qualified.

    As far as I’m aware I can’t get any funding from RMC unless I join the CF. That isn’t going to happen at this point in my life for a variety of reasons. I’ve been searching bursary and scholarship program and there’s slim pickings from the gov’t program at an undergrad level since all the ones I looked at today were tied to student loan programs. Here’s hoping I can find some other busaries, scholarships or grants to apply for that aren’t tied to loan funding.

    Or a good job :)

  3. You could try the lottery…or the casino :lol:

  4. If it weren’t for my bad luck I’d have no luck at all. I’ll leave the casino play to those who don’t “steal luck” from others.

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