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I received a call for an interview this morning and am collecting the necessary written references. The position is with the provincial government and looks pretty interesting.

Always the fashion diva – Ok, you can stop laughing now.  I mean it. Fine.  Get it out of your system.  Done? Are you sure? *sigh* Go ahead. Laugh it up for a few more minutes. Can we get back to my story now? – I’m waffling on what to wear to the upcoming interview. I’m not certain I want to wear the severe classic black suit I wore the last time round. Perhaps I’ll take a look around the mall(s) this weekend to see if I can find a nice brown suit instead.

Last time I was job hunting I did very poorly on interviews where I really wanted the job and seemed to breeze through interviews for positions I wasn’t interested in. Apparently all I need to do is convince myself that I’m NOT interested in this job and I should muddle through the interview in fine form.

I also received a call that my new glasses are ready and I can pick them up this evening. Oh, did I forget to mention I’m getting new glasses?  I got tired of not being able to see and finally broke down and got my eyes tested last week.  I hadn’t been paying too much attention to the degradation of my eye sight. Sure, in the back of my mind I knew it was getting harder and harder to see when I wasn’t wearing my glasses. So I started wearing them full-time whenever I wasn’t at a computer or reading a book. According to my optometrist I’m supposed to wear them all the time anywho.  And I’ve always had the “must wear corrective lenses” restriction on my driver’s license.

When the call came in I was pretty surprised. I wasn’t expecting them to be ready for at least another week. Downside of having a very weird prescription that gets sent to a lab in Montreal to be filled is that you often wait multiple weeks before your new glasses are available to you.

Soon This evening I will be able to see properly. I still can’t believe I dropped a whole point level over the past 2+ years. Everyone keeps telling me that your eyes don’t change that much at my age.  Granted it does explain why I can’t watch my 52in TV in the basement, walk down a hallway un-escourted by my seeing eye co-worker, or do anything that involves avoiding walking into walls without my current glasses.  It also explains why I’ve been having so much difficulty seeing properly when I’m actually wearing my existing pair.

Friday I visit the Dr. to discover the results of the tests I had a few weeks back. I’m hoping it’s all good news.

Keep your eyes, fingers and toes crossed. I can use all the luck people are willing to spare.

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4 Responses to “Hope”

  1. Sending luck, radiating positive vibes, sending good karma, and saying a prayer all while keeping everything I own crossed!

  2. When’s the interview?

  3. Good luck on both the interview and the medical tests.

    Which department? I have a friend who is a manager at Employment and Immigration.

  4. Sent deets in email. Some things I don’t want to blog at this stage…

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