I can see says the blind (wo)man

Scribbled down on February 26th, 2009 by she
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Loving my new glasses. Well more accurately I’m loving the ability to see things clearly. Watched the Oilers game tonight and could clearly see the puck. I’d forgotten what a non fuzzy puck looked like.

I’m still not sure that I’m a fan of my frames but I’m sure they’ll grow on me. I got quite a few compliments on them today and no one burst out laughing so they can’t be that bad.

I will likely get my daily wear glasses modified at the optical shop. They have cute little plastic heart nose pads. Unfortunately they’re very hard plastic and dig into the side of my nose a bit. So if they can’t be adjusted to fit a bit better I’ll need to see if they’ll be able to swap them out for the softer plastic ones.

The joys of new glasses. They say “seeing is believing” but never tell us what we’re supposes to be believing. Me, I believe I can see.

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3 Responses to “I can see says the blind (wo)man”

  1. Don’t ya just want to break out in song… “I can see clearly now…”.

  2. ironically, my glasses just broke. time to get that new prescription filled…

  3. If my glasses had broken before my new ones (yes, I got a spare pair this time) were ready I’d be screwed. I’ve searched my house and can’t find my old set of glasses. Oddly, I can find the sunglasses clip that goes with them. I like to think they might be in the RV but I have a horrible feeling that I’d left them in India. That’s the last place I can remember wearing them *sigh*.

    I’ve also learned in a matter of minutes why I usually get the anti-glare coating. I didn’t get anything other than scratch coating on the spare pair – trying to keep them as cheap as possible – and they reflect EVERYTHING!

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