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You may remember that a few months back I was participating in a charity project via Twitter called #tweetsgiving [details here, here and here]. It was the brainchild of Stacey Monk (@StaceyMonk) the founder of Epic Change and challenged users of Twitter to band together and raise 10,000$ for the development of a classroom addition to a school in Arusha, Tanzania.

This month Epic Change is at it again.  They’re raising funds to expand the school to include its first technology lab and a boarding facility/orphanage for students. They’re hoping to raise 77,777$ by the end of March 17th and still have a long way to go before they reach the goal.  You can learn more at tweetluck.org or by following @TweetLuck or the search term #tweetluck on Twitter.

Take a few minutes, and the cost of a cup of coffee or two, and donate to Epic Change’s TweetLuck project. Then join us in telling the world how lucky you are ;)

I am lucky because I have friends & family who care for me & accept my eccentricities.

You can see pictures of the classroom built on gratitude at the Epic Change Flickr account.  I was originally disappointed that I couldn’t find my Twitter handle on the wall – but then I remembered that the project had nothing to do with me or my ego – rather it was about building hope and helping to develop a bright future for children half-way around the world and that was certainly accomplished.

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  1. This is an excellent project to support. I’m interested to see what technology is implemented and how it is done. I’ve seen what can be done in the remotest schools in the world. Watching the village’s transformation when the world is brought to them to expand young minds with the potentials that they can achieve.

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