Ignorant Frakking Parking Weenies

Scribbled down on March 31st, 2009 by she
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There’s a lot of things I love about my neighbourhood. My house. My awesome neighbours. Our summer gatherings. The closeness to the LRT, Collesium and Northlands.

Of course, that closeness can also be a major drawback. As if alley parking weren’t annoying enough, people are frequently parking in our driveway and blocking our garage doors whenever there’s a concert, hockey game, or major event (i.e. Capital Ex).

We often offer our parking spots to friends attending events because parking can be hard to find and expensive. Our friends, however, all know the rules. They contact us before they park so we know when they’re coming and so we can move one of our vehicles out onto the street to park in case we want to go somewhere.

To park on the street in my neighbourhood you need a parking pass from the city. It’s only available to residents and we have one for both our vehicles. Aside from when the new garage was being built and when the alley was torn up for water main/sewer repairs a few years back, we dont normally park on the street. Why would we when we have parking at the back of the house in a nice new garage?

Tonight I opened the garage door to go to the grocery store and discovered two vehicles parked across the garage door blocking me in. Neither of the vehicles was familiar to me. None of our friends had contacted me about parking tonight. So, apparently I have two strangers parked in front of my garage making it impossible for me to drive out.

Good thing for me nothing I wanted tonight can’t wait until tomorrow. Good thing for the ignorant morons parking at my house that I’m not Drew. He has no qualms about towing stranger’s vehicles as soon as he finds them parked in our spots – especially if they’ve blocked our garage!

To sum up today’s ranting & raving:
1) Friends always ensure we know what their vehicle looks like and let us know they’re planning on using our parking spots.

2) I’m nicer than Drew when it comes to strangers parking in front of my garage. I won’t have you towed unless I NEED to leave the house.

3) Drew isn’t as nice. He tows. And doesn’t care who or what you think you are. Or even if you can afford to get your vehicle out of impound after being towed. None of that is our problem. We’re not the ignoramus who chose to block off a resident’s garage to save a few $$ parking.

Ignorant parking strangers: consider yourself on notice. I may not always be so nice.

*Addendum: If you get drunk and don’t use Keys Please to get you and your vehicle home it will be towed in the morning so we can get to work. While we congradulate you or your decision not to drive after drinking, we won’t be late to work and Drew isn’t going AWOL just so you can come pick up your vehicle hours (or days) later. My suggestion? Always travel with a designated driver.

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6 Responses to “Ignorant Frakking Parking Weenies”

  1. We used to have cabs park in front of our drive once or twice a month when they had a meeting in one of our neighbours house. If we needed to go, we would go over and ask them to move. They did. They were nice…but so were we. At least we knew where they were. Not like your two squatters.

  2. I would have towed them. We lived down at 118th and 50th street, I know the area of which you speak well, and those ignorant assholes should have their asses towed.

  3. I would have had them towed as well. There is a difference from first off, parking illegally as it is, but to block off someone’s drive way!

    They deserved to be towed, you are too nice.

  4. I tend to be more like Drew. I get a little cranky when my rights are violated.

  5. i definitely would of had them towed and I would have thought of calling a tow company out of Leduc or Morinville just to increase the tow charges.

  6. If you are going to be a nice person and not have them towed, you should minimally put a note on their windshield explaining that they parked in a private drive, blocked you in but that you are being nice and that NEXT TIME they will be towed… otherwise they may think of your drive next time they are in the area… :)

    I would have had them towed ~ even if I wasn’t going out anywhere ~ just for the principle of it…

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