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This morning I had to be awake at 0 dark 30 to catch a seat on a gov’t plane for a trip to Calgary. The mighty Dash 8 was packed with gov’t employees off to attend meetings down south. I’m here to proctor an exam and meet the local staff.

Couldn’t believe how cold, snowy and icy everything is in #yyc. Not at all what I expected this late in April. I hear Edm has managed to miss most of the weather front that has moved in down here. Hope it stays that way.

While I’m safely ensconced down south there has been an apparent murder/suicide at the mall where my dentist office is located. News is scarce at this time so I’m hoping Dr. T, M and A are safe and sound. As much as I dislike dental appointments I really do like my dentist and his staff. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them!

Today I proctor an exam. Tomorrow I write mine. What an interesting little world I work and live in.

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One Response to “Snow?”

  1. Isn’t that a dumpy little plane. Lumbar support = metal bar behind the oh-so-worn seat cushion.

    I just found out about the shootings on my way home on the bus. Started at a spa about 2 blocks south of the mall. Apparently killed the owner, then he went 2 blocks north, entered the mall from the back entrance, came out through the grocery store, out the front and into the liquor store. Robbed the store, came out, saw the lot full of cops, re-entered the store and shot himself. Lovely, just f-in lovely.

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