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Managed to survive my Mil Psych exam (I think) yesterday and now I must wait three weeks for my marks. I’m not very good at judging how well I do on exams after writing them so I’m hoping I didn’t screw up. Chunks of the exam questions seemed far too easy while others had me pulling out my hair and beginning to jibber randomly. Three weeks to wait for results is a long time.

Of course, now I get to focus additional time and attention on my two remaining courses. Hopefully I’ll see improved grades in these classes now. I dread having a final grade of B (or worse) appear on my transcripts.

I’m off to dinner and a concert with R & R this evening. Yes the day has finally arrived. We’re off to see Leonard Cohen and I know I’m going to enjoy every second of it. Like Gordon Lightfoot, Cohen is a master musical storyteller. One who I’ve wanted to see perform live for decades. Tonight will likely be one of those life-time concert hilights for me. Kinda like Pink Floyd was for Drew.

Off to prep for the evening. Don’t want to make anyone wait :)

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  1. Have a great time!!

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