#yegSafetyMtg & #twilightYEG (part the first)

Scribbled down on May 15th, 2009 by she
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We’re off to the first half of the #twilightYEG fundraiser this evening. The actual ticketed event is taking place next Wednesday evening but today we’re having a special pre-event at LUX Steakhouse during our normal #yegSafetyMtg. Tips made by guest bartenders for a few hours this evening are being donated to the fundraiser.

Yeah. I know. If you don’t tweet the above sentences make little sense. Course, you don’t need to tweet to help raise funds for a great cause. #twilightYEG’s goal is to raise $3000 for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. Proceeds from the events go to local women’s shelter(s).

This has been a pretty productive week for #yeg charities. @SirThinks responded to the the @yegfoodbank‘s pressing need for lunch items and donated 200 drinking boxes to the cause. He then challenged everyone in the #yeg community to match his donation for other items that could be included in children’s lunches. This morning Drew dropped off 200 peanut-free granola bars to the food bank and we’re keeping the challenge going. Here’s hoping someone else picks up the gauntlet soon.

I’m off to meet Drew, @SirThinks and the gang for #twilightYEG (part the first). Hope to see you there – or at #twilightYEG (part the second) on Wednesday.

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  1. Last night’s event raised $408 at last count. I think $$ was still trickling in when we left. Not a bad collection of tips over a three hour period. Only $2600 more to raise on Wednesday.

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