slow few months

Scribbled down on June 24th, 2009 by she
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For those following my blog these past two months haven’t provided much entertainment. So, I’m sorry to note that it’s not going to get much better for the next little bit.  Hopefully you’ll still find me in your RSS readers once my crazy final weeks of school/papers schedule is finished.

I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but I’ve been busy with school of late. While I’m stuck in the basement writing and calculating, Drew’s been tearing apart the backyard. I’ll try to post some of the before/current state pictures soon. We’ve not reached the “after” state yet.

This weekend we’re swooping into Vancouver for a few days and will be visiting with Drew’s aunt and cousins. Saturday will be spent at the Vancouver CSTS and those of you on the wet coast who are interested in what MOT’s been up to might catch a glimpse of him running around Vancouver before the weekend is out.

He’s been pretty subdued since he came home from Afghanistan however it’s only a few more weeks before MOT heads to SoCal. Which reminds me, I’ve got a picture or two of MOT’s final days in the Sandbox that still needs posting.

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