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Scribbled down on July 13th, 2009 by she
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Guess who’s in a crappy mood this evening?

I’m pretty sure I failed my Stats exam which means I’ve failed the course. It really sucks that cummulative grades don’t matter and survival boils down to passing the exam. Running out of time and leaving 30 marks unattempted pretty much sank my chances of passing. Have I mentioned lately how little I understood of the math & formulas? *bah humbug*

Sucks more when you have a really decent grade (A-) going into the exam.

The Experimental Psych exam didn’t leave me as disheartened but I’m annoyed that 30% of the exam revolved around Stats when the topic wasn’t even touched upon in any of the course content. What few marks I manage to pick up there are solely reliant on what little of Stats I did mange to grasp from the other course.

So much for my 3.8 GPA I worked so hard for. Now I have to worry about qualifying for grad school (ouch!)

The exam proctoring was a gong show as well. For RMC courses my exams are proctored at the base. They’re very strict about the number of people who can be in the room and once an exam begins no one can enter or exit. It’s quiet; easy to concentrate.

Too bad these courses were’t my standard RMC fare.

I enrolled in these two courses as a visiting student and they were delivered by a different university. They required that I write the exam at one of two locations in the city. Location A didn’t have a proctor available so I wrote at location B. Very bad choice.

The testing room was in the main office – a very busy & loud main office I might add – and wasn’t sound proofed. The door was constantly opening & closing as people writing 30 minute entrance basic skills tests were entering & leaving. People talked amongst themselves. Some called friends on cell phones. Apparently I was the only one in the room actually attempting to write my exam without cheating and the only one who cared that the room was too loud to concentrate in. Based on my experience there I will NEVER write another exam at this location.

Did I mention I had to pay for the privledge of writing my exam at this location? I wasn’t authorized to write at the base because the delivering University had agreements with these other locations in town. Colour me un-amused.

Based on the Exp. Psych exam questions not matching the course content I’m not likely to enrol in another class through this university anyway. I prefer my assessment match the stated outcomes and objectives of the course thank you very much!

Remind me again why I went back to university at this late stage in life?

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