Vacation Twitter Updates – Part II

Scribbled down on July 26th, 2009 by she
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Turning off the option to receive tweets to my phone tonight as my txt messaging plan is nearly exhausted. Nothing to fear though, I will likely tweet a bit more about our experiences during the last week of our vacation.

July 25

  • Standing in giant ballroom 20 hoping to get into Chuck panel. Then it’s time for the Jayne hat flash mob
  • Must have t: I am not a nerd, I just enjoy standing in line.
  • Comic-Con = diet & exercise program for nerds.8 flights of stairs & unknown miles walked before breakfast
  • We’re in! Time for Chuck panel
  • Adam’s inner grunt monolog: Joss Whedon
  • Finished last shift at california browncoats booth. Rest of the con is schedule free
  • Sitting in on the Ray Bradbury panel & 2 tv premiers so we have a spot at the Mythbusters panel
  • Sad we missed the V premier
  • Drew & I weren’t that impressed with Human Target or Vamp Diaries. On the bright side, we’ve all got seats for Mythbusters!
  • Waiting for @donttrythis to hit the stage. @badastronomer running the show :)
  • Consensus is that tv shows are “meh”. Mythbusters next & we know they’ll rock :)
  • Oh hai raspberry mojitos. Of course i with you this fine evening
  • Mythbusters panel rocked. @donttrythis & @badastronomer were a hoot. Tomorrow we wake at 0 dark 30 to brave the ballroom 20 line for Dr. Who
  • hmmm, seems I’m missing some incoming tweets. Didn’t see @britl‘s Cunning Hat search q until today… Boo twitter!

July 26 (last day *sniff*)

  • Ack! Slept in. Must get to trolley & into ballroom 20′s hellish line-up
  • In line to go inside & get in another line. Here’s hoping we get into Dr Who
  • *w00t* we’re early enough that we’re guaranteed seats. Fabulous way to start the last day at #sdcc
  • We are in & pretty close to the front. Will see if timelord greatness rubs off & makes us cooler.
  • Trading freebie Dr Who comics with peeps in the row behind us. Panel about to start. Wish dad were here to see this.
  • Nathan Fillion & PJ Haarsma just crashed the fan club meeting *w00t*
  • Feeling sad that comic-con is nearly over. Will be a long time before we can afford to do something like this again
  • Lesson learned at comic-con: if you see something you want, buy it. Likely won’t be there later
  • Old and new school comics everywhere. Seemed like MILES of them

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