Vacation Tweet Update III

Scribbled down on August 2nd, 2009 by she
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July 27

  • Still completely bagged after 4 days and 5 nights at #sdcc. Hoping recovery is complete before tomorrow. No yawning allowed
  • Looking forward to playing tourist in SD tomorrow. For now, we sleep
  • Afraid. I am horrible in pictures. @theonetruebix takes amazing pictures. Hopefullly he didn’t get my ditz expression on my face in his pic
  • And yes, Drew who looks amazing in every photo ever taken of him, makes me feel even sadder about the known deficiencies of photos I’m in

July 28

July 29

  • Boosting the US economy 1 beer and amusement park at a time.
  • Just finished watching night shows at SD Seaworld. Ooh ahhs were awesome!
  • Train is out of service. Boo! I think we’re stuck waiting 30 more mins for the blue line. Hope I’m mistaken.
  • Yay for whining on twitter! Replacement train has arrived!
  • Train goes forward. Train goes backward. We have returned to station we just left
  • Who needs a theme park when every trolley ride is an adventure?
  • Oh hai mr transit security occifer. Late for the train were you?
  • Really looking forward to the zoo (pandas!) tomorrow

July 30

  • “Home” from the zoo. Sleepy. One last full day in SD before we fly back to #yeg

July 31

  • WTF? Last day in town & I have a giant blister on my little toe
  • Important research underway. Which paper umbrella garnished fruity girly drink tastes best?
  • Sleepy. Have to be awake at 0 dark 30 for the flight home to the great white north tomorrow
  • 4 am wake up call at the hotel. Wonder if that’s early enough?

August 1

  • After much early am panic we are at airport, through security & on way home.
  • Goodbye sunny SoCal. We barely knew you
  • Sitting in an airport & waiting for a flight takes an excrutiatingly long time when you are drinking crappy tasting beer.
  • Feeling old as a result of this trip. No one bothers to ID me anymore
  • Coming home with a suitcase filled with geek shirts. Hope @bingofuel is prepared for round two!
  • Fighting over who gets stuck drinking the beer. Not usually a conversation we’re used to having.
  • What a welcome home. Thunder storms, lightening, hail and tornado warnings

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