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For years we’ve had season tickets to the opera and it’s one of my favourite entertainment events. Last night Drew and I attended the Edmonton Opera Company’s season opener, Rigoletto. Out seats aren’t as good in Edm as they were in Wpg but they’re not bad. The music was wonderfully performed by the members of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Tracey Dahl was, as always, brilliant. Robert Breault and Theodore Baerg’s performances were acceptable.

While I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve yet to be disappointed in Tracey Dahl, the same thing can’t be said for every production I’ve seen her in on stage. Sometimes the productions are awe inspiring. Othertimes they can be pretty “meh“. Mostly that just means that I’d be less likely to see the same opera a second time. Rigoletto falls into the “meh” category for me. This was somewhat unexpected since I adore Verdi’s Aida. Later this season we’ll be seeing another Verdi opera, Otello, and I hope I’ll enjoy it more.

Drew was looking forward to seeing Pirates of Penzance this season but will likely be away when it runs. Guess I’ll need to find myself a date that evening.

Before we left we did buy tickets to the traveling Broadway production of A Chorus Line for next month. Looking forward to spending another evening out. All dressed up with some place to go.

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2 Responses to “Rigoletto”

  1. I will be your date. I have always wanted to see opera…let me know…Cheers Rosanne

  2. If Drew’s gone, count yourself in. I’ll let you know as soon as we know his schedule. It’s not until Feb 2010.

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