CNIE registration & cashy money

Scribbled down on January 28th, 2010 by she
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Registration opened for the CNIE conference today and I got a look at the price points. I can’t believe the cost. I’m really hoping that it will be possible to register as a student (300$ instead of $600) but have a strong suspicion it won’t be allowed. Their registration info specifically mentions full-time enrolment and I’m a part-time student. I simply can’t afford to cease working and attend school full-time.

It appears that CNIE is more restrictive than ISSOTL was when it comes to student conference attendance. Such a shame.

I’m still hoping to find some way to attend. Mum wants me to come home for a visit and my mentor, Dr. D will allow me to participate in the presentation of our paper at the conference if I can manage to get there.

Large incentive indeed!

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  1. And if you DO manage it you can come hang out chez moi, not that you’d want to escape your Mum, of course, as I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, but if you were looking for a nerdy evening I could help in that area.

    MIND YOU. CNIE is one week before The Producers, I think? So I’ll be out most evenings… maybe a drink after rehearsal :P

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