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First day of my running clinic today. It may be a bit early to be claiming victory but I did survive. We’re quite a big group of wannabe runners but I get the impression that some people will drop out of every group before the end of the clinic.

Each session begins with a short trainin lecture before the group run.

Today we walked two mins and ran for one. Repeat seven times. We’re to get in two more practice runs before the end of the week. Next week it’s one min running followed by one minute walking x10. In 10 weeks we’re supposed to be able to run 10 minutes before taking a walking break. I hope I can keep up.

Each Running Room clinic is tied to a charity run. The one at the end of my clinic is the Little Big Run. I’m considering signing up for the 5km run. I don’t expect to have a great time for the run but I am hoping I’ll finish it. The following weekend is a run on the base to raise funds for the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC). I’d like to try running the 5km there as well but I’m not sure if two back to back races would be a good idea.

Runners, feel free to chime in with advice.

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