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This week I started the learn to run clinic at a local Running Room. Tomorrow is the last practice and it’s at 8:30 am. Not looking forward to getting up at 7am on a Sunday to travel across the city and run but I think it’s really important to do the practice running. I can’t imagine what Monday’s run would be like if I wasn’t doing the practices.

Practices are on Wed, Fri and Sunday. About 1/2 the class showed up for Wed practice but only 6 of us (we started with about 30) came to Friday’s practice. I know we can run at home but I don’t think I have the skill or motivation to try running outside of the group at the moment.

The first week we walked for 2 mins and ran for 1. Rinse and repeat 7 times. Next week we run 1 min and walk for 1 minute x10. I’m told it’s the hardest week of the entire program. By the end, if we practice 3x a week, we’re supposed to be running 10 mins and walking for 1 x2. I can’t even begin to imagine what running for 10 minutes straight would feel like.

So far my knees have been holding out well. I’m pretty impressed with them overall. I was expecting to be hobbling about after running and that’s just not happening. Of course, the day after a run I do have a bit of trouble with taking the stairs. Hopefully that will pass.

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