I’m hurt, not injured

Scribbled down on April 3rd, 2010 by she
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Either way, I have to drop out of this running clinic and hope they’ll shift my registration to the class scheduled to begin in a few months.

After a few days of my knee not seeming to improve I headed off to the doctor yesterday afternoon. Only to be informed that my left knee cap (patella) is slighty off centre and caused a few muscles surrounding the knee to perform a battle royale over which direction it should be manoeuvered.

Since I’m off kilter, my knee needs the muscles on all sides to work in harmony in order for me to run without strain. Good thing I’m headed to see a specialist on Thursday. She’ll teach me new exercises to improve muscle strength around the knee and in a few weeks – assuming I’ve solved my shoe problem – I should be good to try running again.

In the meantime the ice/gel bag and I are becoming very good friends. No running, walking, stairs or leg workouts (weights) for me for one to two weeks. Which also means I’ll be skipping Curves for a little bit.

At least I can still work on my arms, shoulders, back and abs while I’m babying my knee. Sadly, I’ll also have to eat less as my exercise routine is reduced. Guess I’ll have something to look forward to in a few weeks – more food!

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2 Responses to “I’m hurt, not injured”

  1. Running’s over rated. Stick to an elliptical if you can once you heal. You’d be surprised how much of a workout you can get without all the impact.

  2. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Not a fan of elliptical machines. Also, the whole point of running is to be able to do it outside. In the fresh air. Under the big round yellow thingy. And to potentially run marathons (or at least 1/2 marathons) before I’m 40. Can’t do that on an elliptical.

    Besides, if I wanted to keep doing things indoors, I’d just keep walking on the treadmill… There may be impact but it’s never bothered me before.

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