happy (almost) b-day to me

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I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that hubs had these delivered to work because if he’d had them sent home the cat would eat them. Since they’re only guaranteed to last 48 hours, it makes sense that he wouldn’t wait until my actual b-day to send them. Otherwise only the janitors would be enjoying them before they wilt.


Now that they’ve arrived, I feel I can write about how I knew they were coming. Well, I didn’t know what the flower arrangement Drew picked out was, but I did know he’d ordered something from Funky Petals. [After scoping out their site, I was hoping for this and not flowers. Yeah, I know, I'm an ungrateful wife. Blah. Blah. Blah.]

So, how’d I know something was coming? Someone from the store called and left a message for hubs on our answering machine last week. Said they wanted to get some clarification about the order he’d placed. Then they called (and got me in) the next day. They asked for Drew. I said he wasn’t in the country. They said “thanks” quite quickly and hung up.

Being the smart little cookie I am, I put two and two together and scoped out their web site.

He also kinda sucked at keeping the secret that something was being delivered since he called me at work this morning (yay!) and asked whether or not his package had arrived yet. I suppose if I hadn’t known something was on it’s way, the eagerness in his voice may not have been a dead-giveaway that delivery was scheduled for today.

I’m a little stumped as to why he chose orange roses though…

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2 Responses to “happy (almost) b-day to me”

  1. I usually LOVE Funky Petals (4 orange roses? I’d say they needed clarification!), but that little sculpture is beautiful. Maybe Drew will read this and Christmas may provide a less baffling “surprise”?

    Big hugs!!

  2. Me, I would prefer the orange, but that’s because I never met a brightly saturated colour I didn’t like.

    My brother has the promise sculpture, he got it for his wedding. :)

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