week 11 update

Scribbled down on March 27th, 2010 by she
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I’ve upped my calories again. Now I’m shooting for a 1600 day instead of the 1400 – 1600 range I used to eat at. Mostly it’s to account for the extra exercise I’ve gotten in since I started lifting (small) weights 3x a week and have joined a learn to run clinic.

I’ve dropped 3 pant sizes and (depending on the cut) 2 shirt sizes. I’m pretty impressed with me these days. I wish I could say the scale is moving quickly but it’s pretty slow and steady. Good thing I’m tracking inches lost or I might be in danger of losing some of my motivation and momentum.

That said, I should cross a decade and be in the 170′s by sometime next month. Pretty decent accomplishment overall. I’d like to be 165 by the time I go home to see my mum in mid-May but that’s likely a bit unreasonable and too high of a goal to set.

School is kicking my ass right now. I really wish this semester were over and done with. Finding it so hard to care. I wonder if it’s a common feeling amongst people only a few credits away from finishing their degrees?

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