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Scribbled down on June 22nd, 2010 by she
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I was terrified to go on vacation a few weeks back – family cruise to Alaska – because of 1) my food allergies and 2) hub’s family. Amazingly it all worked out wonderfully. Because we’d informed the cruise line that I had food allergies weeks before I got on the boat, they were prepared and let me pre-order all my meals a day in advance (giving the chef/kitchen notice).

Hubs family turned out to be delightful in small doses. His parents usually are. It’s his brothers I was worried about. Guess this means his younger brothers are finally starting to grow up ;) Now that the youngest is in his 30′s, all I can say on the matter is that ”it’s about time!”

I did get a bit of a sticker shock when I stepped on the scale post vacation. Despite chosing healthy options from the menu that were advertized as “low sodium and low sugar” and eating lots of fruits and veggies I discovered that according to my home scale I’d gained 10 lbs since leaving for the cruise. Since all my new clothes still fit I assumed it was mostly due to the extra sodium in my diet while away.

I got back to eating normally – low or no salt options as much as possible – and drinking extra water. Within days I’d dropped 6 lbs. By the end of the week I’d lost the 10 lbs vacation weight and this morning discovered I’d lost another 2.2 lbs. That averages out to a 1.1 lb loss for each week I was on vacation. Which is pretty much what I’ve been averaging lately.

There were some downsides to vacation. I arrived home to discover that my favourite cat had passed away the day before. My pet sitters were really nice and had taken good care of all our fur babies. I guess it was just her time to go.

Downside #2 is that there’s next to no time left for me to finish my latest course at school. 8 days to finish an assignment, 15pg research paper and a final exam. And somewhere in there I have to fit working full-time and pulling off a major charity event next weekend. Ugh!

Feeling very stressed at the moment ;(

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