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Scribbled down on August 18th, 2010 by she
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I started my journey in January with a BMI of 37.37.

I look at that number now and still can’t believe it was that high. Granted, I only needed to lose 14 lbs to go from Obese Class II to Obese Class I, but it’s still a staggering thing to think about. I remember doing a giant happy dance in my basement when I went from Obese Class I to Overweight on the BMI chart.

Today my BMI is 26. In a few short pounds I’m going to have a healthy BMI (assuming I have a “normal” fat/muscle ratio) for the first time in 14 years. I’m very excited. Perhaps more so than when I dropped 4 shirt sizes and 5 pant sizes.

My goal is to keep my BMI between 21 and 22. That’s approximately another 26 lbs to lose. I may even get there by Christmas at the rate I’m going.

Wow. Just Wow!

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