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Scribbled down on October 25th, 2011 by she
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Many of my friends are participating in #movember this year. Since I’m not, I’m planning on counting poppies and making a donation to one of their campaigns. The big challenge is trying to decide whose #movember campaign to donate to. EEP!

I’ve decided to make my friends work for my donation. I’m cool like that.

If you want me to donate to your #movember campaign leave a comment on this post telling me how you plan to celebrate Veteran’s Week this year. Leave a link to your #movember donation page and I’ll randomly select someone’s campaign to donate to. No comment = no chance at donation.

Of course, I’ll then expect you to carry out your Veteran’s Week plans…

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5 Responses to “#movember donations”

  1. I plan to hopefully attend some events that are reflective of the sacrifices our veterans have made for us, while focusing on the need for peace now and always.

  2. My Movember support page is: http://mosista.co/livingsanctuary

  3. Here’s mine: http://www.movember.com/m/232851. Thanks.

  4. I’ll be visiting my grandfather’s grave site with family on rememberance day -he served in the military for several years as a sapper.

  5. Decided to divide the donation in 3rds and give $$ to everyone. Good luck Paula, Jamie & Andrew.

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