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Scribbled down on November 1st, 2012 by she
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Seems to me that life has become crazy busy lately. In addition to working on my final course for my degree at RMC, the not-for-profit organization I helped establish (Alberta Browncoats) has been growing by leaps and bounds lately. We’ve been attending conventions, planning a shindig, and rolling out membership options over the past month. And, of course, I’ve been knitting like a mad woman so we have convention stock.

Somewhere in there I still manage to work full-time as an eLearning developer.

Next week Drew and I will be taking a much needed vacation to Ottawa. Drew’s been many times but, despite living in capital cities of many states and countries, I’ve never been to our own country’s capital before. In addition to traipsing around museums and spending a few days with Drew’s parents we’ll have a chance to participate in the Remembrance Day ceremony on Parliament Hill.  Something I’ve had on my bucket list for years now.

Time to pack my bags. And knitting ;)


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