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Scribbled down on August 10th, 2017 by she
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I read. I’ve been reading voraciously since I was a sproglette. My mum and dad used to enroll me in Library camp when I was a child. I’ve written blog posts about how much I love to read. There’s a whole category of reading related goodies on this site dating from 2006-2009-ish. This content has been sadly neglected in recent years I’m afraid.

All this pre-amble to state that after a bazillion years of reading, I’ve started doing something I should have done many years ago. Sure, I’ve started writing reviews of things I’m reading again. More importantly, I’m also sharing those reviews on Kobo, since that’s where I buy the bulk of my eBooks these days.

My author friends are frequently reminding me that honest reviews – good and bad - of their work mean more than all the “read me” advertising fluff pieces on FB, Twitter, or other social media channels. Here’s hoping they still feel that way after I’ve reviewed of a few of their books online.

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