Book Review: Mason Dixon – The Wampus of Reeds Spring

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Title: Mason Dixon – The Wampus of Reeds Spring (Kobo)
Author: Eric Asher
Publisher: Falstaff Books
Publication Date: July 2017
ISBN: 9781386614555
Language: English

Rating: 3.5/5

This second novella in Eric Asher’s “New Templars” series continues the adventures of Mason Dixon, monster hunter and YouTube “star” and his trusty childhood friend and videographer Emma. The story takes place after the events in “Mason Dixon: Monster Hunter” but doesn’t pick up immediately following the previous story. This left me searching the interwebs to determine if I’d missed a novella in between the two stories. One shouldn’t end on a cliff-hanger – even a soft one – and barely mention its resolution in the next book!  This second segment gives us an introduction to other players in the “New Templars” world and, when the first two books in the series are read back-to-back, seems like you’re sliding back into a comfy new shoe when you begin reading. Asher is an excellent wordsmith and if you’re looking for a quick beach read involving the hidden – and at times humorous – world of monsters, this book should fill the void.

End verdict: Best if familiar with the storyline in “Mason Dixon: Monster Hunter”. If you enjoy the humour of Kevin Hearne’s or John Hartness’ writing styles, you’re bound to enjoy the Mason Dixon series. The novella is a quick, fun romp and excellent jello for the mind.

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