Day 16 Read-a-ton: Update

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Anyone who is actually paying attention to what I’m posting about reading will have to have been scratching their heads yesterday when I posted that I had completed seven books. You see, I’ve only blogged about six to date.

My seventh book wasn’t really a book – it was a short story that Zoe posted on her site for others to read and critique. Finishing a review of the work-in-progress counts as another book read for anyone participating in the contest. It actually makes a lot of sense to ask for feedback on a book while people are in the mood to read and comment. I read and sent my feedback a few days ago, but hadn’t mentioned it here before.

I’m tracking all of the books I’ve completed on my Shelfari reading list. As of this morning, I have 9 books on my completed list with the story counting as #10. Yesterday I spent the day reading Alesia Holliday’s American Idle. It’s a quick and fun read. I spent half of the time giggling away to myself while eagerly flipping pages. The only downside to the book is that it relies very heavily on current pop culture references. While the book is a hilarious read in 2006, I’m not sure it would have the same impact 20 years from now. In fact, I’m not sure American Idle would translate well outside of North America (and possibly Western Europe).

Books eight and nine were read in the middle of the night while I waited for Santa to arrive. Each weighed in at under 200 pages and were written a personable tone.

Jennifer L. Shawne’s Baby NOT on Board is a quick read and focus’ on a welcome topic for those of us who don’t have children. Rather than leaving the impression that there’s something wrong with a woman (and couple by extension) that doesn’t follow the traditional family path (2.4 kids), Ms. Shawne highlights all the good points of being childfree. It’s not for everyone, I’m sure a lot of parents would be less than impressed with this book, but I quite enjoyed it.

Madelyn Cain’s The Childless Revolution examines the recent movement towards childfreedom and childlessness. Ms. Cain is careful to separate out those who have consciously chosen not to have children (childfree) with those that wanted children but have been unable to have children (childless). She reviews the increasing number of women who are not becoming mothers and the way they are viewed in society. This book is more accessible for others. Ms. Cain herself is a parent and uses her own connection with infertility issues and the experiences of friends and family to build a connection with a wider readership base.

What’s next? No idea. I’m anxiously awaiting the wakening of the rest of the house so I can determine if any new books have made it into the house. I think I hear some 2 footed mice stirring…

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2 Responses to “Day 16 Read-a-ton: Update”

  1. Wow, 7 books!!! I just happened upon your site, so I had no idea … that’s fantastic. I’m jealous … I have about 7 book ideas, but no time to write anything.

  2. Luckily for me, other than the short story feedback/review I did, I haven’t had to write anything other than status reports. The Read-a-ton is a reading contest, not a writing one. I’d be really hooped if I was supposed to *write* the book instead of read it.

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