tsunami headed for Philippines

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I hope and pray that all of my new friends in Manila, and those whom I’ve never met, remain safe.

A powerful quake struck off southwestern Taiwan on Tuesday, triggering a potentially destructive tsunami that was headed toward the Philippines on the second anniversary of the deadly waves that killed thousands in south Asia.

Source: Canoe News

Like most people touched by loss, I remember exactly where I was when the ’04 tsunami struck. Dad had been diagnosed with cancer a few months earlier and the hubby and I trekked to Winnipeg to spend Christmas with the family. It was the last Christmas I spent with my dad.

Mom, dad, the hubby, my sister and I were all holed up in the sis’ tiny one bedroom apartment for the Christmas season. We were telling stories and the TV was on for background noise.

Christmas ’05 was spent alone in a hotel room in Manila, Philippines.

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  1. I remember where I was too, and the horrible, sinking feeling I had as I began to understand the full scope of the damage and loss.

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