Arrived in Bangalore

Scribbled down on February 12th, 2007 by she
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I’ve safely arrived in Bangalore and have, what seems, a reliable Internet connection. My cell phone issues are finally worked out and for the first time since I arrived I have been able to speak to the hubby.

I’ve somehow managed to get bitten by an unknown insect and my wrist has started swelling. Based on the reaction I’m seeing, I’m leaning towards an ant bite. I had this exact reaction when I was bitten by an ant in Manila last spring. My wrist is puffy and red and itches like the devil. It’s a good thing I travel with my own small pharmacy – since I’ve been able to disinfect the area quite nicely.

At this point, I’m not too worried about Malaria since I’ve been taking my anti-malarial pills religiously. I will be loading myself up with a lot more bug dope on any future outings though. Odd, I didn’t get bitten in the north, where more diseases are prevalent…

When I get home, I really need to see an allergist. These reactions to insect bites are starting to worry me a little.

We’re staying in a service apartment for this leg of the trip. It’s rooms in a Condo development where business travellers can stay. Unlike the service apartment in Delhi (Gurgaon to be specific), this one’s bathroom is fully functioning.

When I woke up this morning I found a small lizard – like a baby gecko – perched on my laptop. He was a quick little bugger and I didn’t have time to snap a picture of him as I was too busy chasing him around my desk with an empty water bottle so I could catch him and release him outside on the balcony.

I’m hoping the little lizard in my room is a sign of good luck – since I could really use some right about now!

There is some sort of strike occurring in the city. Since I don’t speak Kanada or Hindi, I’m not able to get many details of the strike and reasons behind it from the news channels on TV. We’re working from our rooms for the moment and will head into the office later in the day. The strike means that the city seems abandoned. Few, if any, shops are open and we’re sticking to our rooms until after 6pm today.

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  1. I just arrived in B’lore on Saturday. We stayed home today until about 1 pm then walked 2 blocks to the office. We just moved here from San Francisco. Busy learning all about life here. We will spend a month in the service apt and then move to someplace that I need to find, so I’ll be apt hunting for the next few wks. Fun to see someone else just getting here!

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