Thursday Thirteen: Habitat for Humanity

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Welcome to the 29th edition of the screaming pages Thursday Thirteen.

If you’ve been visiting TSP since I returned from my self-imposed hiatus, then you know I’ve be blogging about Habitat for Humanity for the past few days. I was out at our local Women Build site on Tuesday and thought I’d better make a note of all the important things I learned.

Thirteen things I learned from volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Women Build.

  1. Despite the name, men are welcome on Women Build sites. They just have to be patient and share the power tools.
  2. The Women Build hard hats are neon pink.
  3. ALWAYS wear the hard hat. You never know when you’re going to bean yourself on a cross-beam or smack yourself in the head with a broom handle (yes, I did – no, I didn’t stand on it).
  4. It’s easier to toe-nail a block in than it is to nail it in from the side when you’re blocking wood at the bottom of stairs for baseboard/trim support.
  5. Those of us who brought out own safety equipment (glasses, gloves, shoes) didn’t end up with any blisters from improper fitted items. I knew there was a good reason to buy my own safety shoes!
  6. It doesn’t matter how good your hammer is if you don’t have room to swing it.
  7. Mud is quickly tracked through the building and takes ages to scrape off the floors and shovel out the door – but everyone has to participate in clean-up before the day is over.
  8. The site supervisor tries to match you to jobs that fit your skills (or lack thereof) and abilities. If you’re afraid of heights, they won’t make you climb scaffolding and hang off the roof.
  9. It may not bother you at the time, but crawling up and down wooden stairs on your knees hurts like hell 24 hours later.
  10. The safety video shows people wearing shorts and t-shirts. I’d recommend jeans and long sleeves – less abrasions and scarring in the end…
  11. Demolition is far more satisfying than construction. Especially if it’s NOT the section you just nailed in that you’re tearing apart.
  12. Drink lots of water. Even if you think you’re not thirsty, drink it anyway. Dehydration sneaks up on you.
  13. It’s an awesome way to build team spirit and spend time with co-workers outside of your work environment. You learn a lot about people on a project like this.

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2 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen: Habitat for Humanity”

  1. I would love to help build a house for someone in need. That’s awesome. Good for you!
    (Although I’m not sure I could handle a neon pink hard hat. LOL! :-)

  2. I should make the Tour Manager read this, although he’ll probably turn to me with a smirk and say, “My dad taught me all this.”

    Aargh. men.

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