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Of our two dogs, one (Hypnos) loves the rain but despises all other forms of water. The other (Fenris) can’t stand the rain, but is nuts about the hose. She dives, jumps, snaps at the water, and can spend hours playing in the spray.

Seeing as our lawn has been taken over with weeds, we’ve been trying to overseed to kills some of them off. Seeding, of course, requires lots of water for the seeds to take. Since it hasn’t rained here in eons, we’ve purchased a sprinkler to make our lives easier. Fenris is in love…


On approach


Starting the attack


Diving in


Jumping for joy. She’s pretty spry for a 10 year old!


Hypnos checks out Fenris’ playtime from a safe distance


Hypnos finds a dry place on the deck

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4 Responses to “Aquasizing”

  1. Because you watered it rained last night. Yeah. Could finally get some sleep by 4am. Start earlier next time.

  2. Hate to break it to you but these photos are from earlier today. So, we watered after the rain, not before. It didn’t appear to rain up here – everything was bone dry in our yard at 10 am today.

    So, someone else must have watered or stood on a spider to cause the rain last night. It wasn’t me ;(

  3. I’m hoping the weather channel is right and there will be rain at night for the next few nights. Back up into the 30′s for the weekend. Maybe I’ll take notes from Fenris and buy a sprinkler and chase it. That is so darn cute!! And Hypnos hiding on the deck LOL

  4. Funny what dogs will do with water. Our Nika hates getting into a pond but will stay out in the rain. My dad has a saying that some people are so dumb they will jump in the river to get out of the rain. Sometimes, I think Nika is dumb but she won’t jump in the river. She is probably smarter than I think she is….

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