lack of education?

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I like to think I’m a pretty open minded and forgiving person.

Ok, you can stop laughing now.  I said I like to think that I am.  We all know that our internal views of ourselves aren’t always the most accurate.

That said I opened the paper this morning and saw this article: Poppy Funds Pilfered.  While Mr. Torrie thinks that this type of theft is occurring due to ‘lack of education”, I’m more inclined to believe that it occurs because people are so self-centred and in continual search of immediate gratification that they can’t even be bothered to attempt to understand the concept that there are those far more worthy and in need for whom those proceeds were originally intended.

I was disgusted last year when similar occurances happened.  I am equally mortified this year. 

Something has to start changing in society.  I’m really not liking the road we’re walking down now…

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2 Responses to “lack of education?”

  1. I’m afraid to say, I think there is no help for someone who would do that. They are ‘spoiled’ in the true sense of the word – ready for the compost pile.

  2. This sort of heartless crime — petty crime, in the true sense of the word — feels like a symptom of a very disturbing illness. Right up (down) there with vandalism of graveyards, theft from places of worship, bullying of small children for their lunch money, senseless cruelty to animals “because I was bored”… On dark days, I wonder … But then something wonderful and soul-restoring always seems to happen to compensate — like, for instance, a blogger taking the time to react to a news story like this one. Thank you for being mortified and disgusted! It helps to renew my faith.

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