Speech Impediment Rock

Scribbled down on February 24th, 2008 by she
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We do strange things at our local karaoke bar. We sing rounds in the dark when the lights go out. We scrapbook. We tag inanimate objects with pithy sayings and watch our friend Robin get sent to the corner for a timeout when she misbehaves. Sometimes, we just hold strange conversations.

Friday, we were discussing misheard song lyrics and songs that have, what appears to be, stuttering in the lyrics. We didn’t come up with enough possible songs to make a CD out of either of the lists, so now I’m expecting you, my 3 faithful readers, to help us complete the 10-13 song discs.

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Speech Impediment Rock

  1. Ce Ce Rider
  2. Sususudio
  3. Bad to the Bone
  4. Benny and the Jets
  5. Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
  6. Get a Job
  7. Karma Chamelian
  8. My Sharona

Misheard Lyrics

  1. My Corona (My Sharona)
  2. I call for pizzas (I fall to pieces)
  3. Big ol’ aunt Jemima (Big ol’ Jet Airliner)
  4. Lucy in the Sty with Linus (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)
  5. Kiss this Guy (Kiss the Sky)
  6. Bathroom on the right (Bad moon on the rise)
  7. Slow Talking Walter (Smoke on the Water)

Get cracking. What can you add to our lists?

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6 Responses to “Speech Impediment Rock”

  1. Couple to add to your misheard lyrics list:

    My Dad used to sing about “Two Spanish Eyes” (Blue Spanish Eyes) and my stepson when he was younger was certain it was “Snap My Picture” (Smack My Bitch Up). Probably for the best, actually!

  2. More Mondegreens (misheard lyrics): Thomas Dolby’s “That’s Why People Fall In Love”. I misheard this as “that’s why white people fall in love” in a certain portion of the chorus. Apparently, LOTS of other people did as well…(I was actually a bit relieved to find that out. I thought I was the only weirdo. Nope, turns out there’s a whole tribe of weirdos out there.)

    Reverse Speech Impediment Rock: Scatman John, who had a hellish stutter in real life all throughout his life. You wouldn’t know it to hear his albums, though. (No stutter while singing? Heard of that. No stutter while scatting? Wow, that’s taking it to extremes. I have two of his CDs, but only just now found out that he died in 1999.)

    More speech impediment rock:
    Foolin’ by Def Leppard
    The Reflex by Duran Duran (though I think that simulated stutter is wholly electronic, rather than actual vocals, so I don’t know if that counts)
    I think Marrillion did something with pseudo-stuttering in one place, but I didn’t burn that disc to MY3…yet. I’ll have to check on that.

  3. In the chorus of Kyrie by Mr Mister I always heard
    Carry your own legs down the road that I must travel

    Real words are
    Kyrie eleison down the road that I must travel.

    Every time Secret Agent Man comes on, I am compelled to sing Secret Asian Man at the top of my lungs

    And then there is the always classic Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep instead of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  4. Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep (the Glasgow Remix)

    Sorry, sorry…couldn’t resist. :D

  5. I had forgotten about Secret Asian Man. I always like that one.

  6. Man there are so many and of course I can’t think of them.

    How about She Bangs by William Hung (ha ha)

    Does anyone remember him!

    What do you gotta do to get off tonight (can’t think of who sings it) but I always thought it said What do you gotta do to get fortunate.

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