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Scribbled down on February 28th, 2008 by she
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If you’ve put on your reading glasses (or taken off the blindfold) you’ll notice we’re dressed a little differently around here today. No. It’s not a result of the shock I’m still reeling from – my old friend Amy‘s recent admission to knitting a cunning hat and NOT sending it to me *sniff* – I’ve been planning this for a while and, of course, enlisted the shiney make it pretty skills of Luna from over at LunaStone Designs. The grand plan is that I’ll rotate back and forth between my old look and this new one based on how cranky I am on any particular day.

Like my recent blogroll cleanup it’s time to clean out the plug-in closet. After all, when you’re trying on a new outfit it only takes a few extra minutes in front of the mirror to check out the fit of a few new plug-ins. There were many losers but the one that will likely be sticking around for a while is pageear. Not only did Darcey introduce me to pageear he also happily handed over two if his graphics so I could also advertize a few good causes. Unlike Darcey I lazily used the plug-in option instead of the manual code so I don’t have the option to automatically rotate the graphics and links when you change pages. Instead, I’ll just randomly rotate the charities/fundraisers as I see fit.

For the time being I’d like to call your attention to the Royal Canadian Legion’s Troop Morale Fund.

Now that I’ve spent all this time dressing up my blog can you guess what I was supposed to be doing today? In a few hours we’ll be heading off into the great white west for an awesome mini-break in Jasper. This is the first time I’ve been to Jasper without the RV and dogs and I’m looking forward to days of leisure. As always, I have reading and assigments due for classes (this week the psych class) by midnight Friday. Perhaps I’ll even finish early this week.

UPDATE: The pageear plug-in works beautifully when the old design is loaded but I’m still working out how to get it to function properly with the new design…

UPPERDATE: I’ve worked out special arrangements with Amy. I’ll soon be the owner of a cunning hat. Shiny!

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6 Responses to “playing in the sandbox.”

  1. I missed most of what you said as I am not to computer literate. I hope you have a great trip to Jasper.

  2. Yay Cunning hat! So if the look tells us what mood you are in, which one is whitch mood? Or do we have to just take our chances?

    Have a great time in Jasper!

  3. Your credits are making me LMAO!!! I want to try something for your scrollbars in the sidebar. I’m going to work on it then send you the script… hopefully it’ll work :D

  4. Good point Amy. Perhaps I’ll need to hire Luna once again to make me a grey/stormy look for really bad days…

  5. I had heard that there is an abundance of dogs at my house. Have a great time!!!

  6. LOVE the new look!

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