Tuesday, October 28, 2003

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We’ve learned that our driver has been in a car accident and will not be returning for the remainder of our trip. While he wasn’t injured, a large amount of damage was done to the front end of the car and he is now spending his days in the garage while the car is repaired.

This afternoon before work, Anand and I met up with Bindu to go shopping. Anand is interested in purchasing a mens gold bracelet, while I was looking for some earrings and possibly a finger ring. I’ve also developed a taste for the silver anklets with bells on them – the jingling sound when walking is surprisingly soothing – and finally found a set of anklets that are big enough to wrap around my ankles while being small enough to suit my taste.

Since arriving in India, I’ve begun wearing earrings more often. Unfortunately, I seem to be allergic to the nickel in the every day ‘junk jewelry’ type of earrings I purchased at Shopper’s Stop a few weeks ago. On a whim, I decided to try and find a set of small gold earrings to wear instead. The backs of most earrings in jewelry stores are different than the ones we’re used to in North America. The backs of the earrings are cylindrical and screw on to the posts. Bindu warned me that I may have difficulty getting earrings to fit due to the with of the posts and screw backs, so I limited my purchases to small studs often worn by children.

After work today, I tried putting on the new earrings and spent a good 45 minutes trying to get them to fit. Once they were in, I was surprised by how comfortable they were. The backs are flat and sit against the ear. They are so unobtrusive that I can sleep with the earrings in and even talk on the phone without having to take an earring off. There is sharp post end to stick into the top of your jaw. The only downside of this style of backing is that larger, heavier earrings tend to have thicker posts and cylinder backs. Anyone who doesn’t normally wear earrings or has smaller earring holes would definitely have difficulty getting these heavier earrings on! After learning this, I know not to purchase any of the bigger style earrings for anyone back home. Otherwise, they’d spend a few hours trying to get the earrings on – or worse yet, not be able to wear them at all.

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