Thursday, October 30, 2003

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Buffet lunches in the belly, we headed off to CCIE to take pictures of rings for some co-workers back home. My camera isn’t as good as Bills’ and the pictures are a bit fuzzier than I’d like. Apparently, this isn’t that strange of a request, since the clerks didn’t even blink when Anand explained the plan to them. However, they did warn us that it was very difficult to get a good picture of the rings due to lighting and shine of the gold.

Pictures taken, we hopped into the car and allowed the driver to determine where we went next. He took us to a small craft emporium close to the CCIE on Cunningham Road. The place was beautiful, but contained few things we haven’t already seen or purchased. They did have a great selection of silver jewelry and we spent some time perusing the bracelets and bangles before heading to work.

The week is flying by…

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