Friday, October 31, 2003

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I’m now entering the 7th inning stretch. I’ve 10 days left before I leave India and return to Canada. The time seems to be flying past this week – and while we didn’t do much that can be considered ‘exciting’ during the past week, I still don’t know where the time has gone.

I am officially sick of shopping and am glad that I will be avoiding the Christmas rush once I return home. However, I did tell Anand that I’m looking forward to entering a store back home just to be ignored by the sales clerks. Lately, I’ve been put off by the sales staff at many of the craft stores in town. Now that my shopping is completed, I’m in a wandering mood…there’s nothing worse than being chased around a store by an eager salesman when you have no interest in purchasing anything. It’s even worse when they refuse to accept no for an answer.

Commercial Street…again. Anand is picking up his Kurties and we immediately noticed that the streets seem empty in comparison with the weekend and evening crowds. I guess people don’t shop this area in the middle of the afternoon.

Anand tried on his altered Kurtis and I have to say, they do look great despite the modifications. I’m sure he’ll get more use out of them now. While we were there, we discovered that the store had received a shipment of short Kurtas with embroidery. These were what Anand was originally looking for and the store clerk was well aware of it. A short fashion show ensued and in the end, Anand had 2 new Kurtas to add to his collection.

From the clothing store, we headed across the street to a jewelry store. I picked up a few small pairs of earrings and we headed back to work.

– Break for work —

The mehndi is fading from my hand and is a sickly orange colour. Women here often wear mehndi designs and the resurgent interest in permanent tattoos doesn’t seem to have caught on here as it has in North America. Strangely enough, a white woman with mehndi applied on her hands garners more attention than a North American with tattoos – I guess it’s all relative to what you’re used to seeing…

It’s all Hallows Eve today and I’d like to wish everyone back home a Happy Halloween!

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