Dona Nobis Pacem

Scribbled down on June 4th, 2008 by she
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In November of 2006 I participated in the first Dona Nobis Pacem blog blast for peace. It was the brainchild of Mimi and two others have since occurred. In my first post, I asked “If social connections exist and what we write has power, why can’t a group of people posting a similar graphic calling for peace – whatever the word peace means to you – wield similar power?

Today, I am once again participating in Mimi’s call for peace throughout the world. I am hoping that through education and exchanges of experiences we can find a solid patch of ground from which we can build a world where understanding is the ultimate goal. While I have no issues with independence overall, I believe a collectivist vision with a view to acceptance is required in order to succeed. As before I believe that this shared understanding can be developed through communication.

I invite everyone to spend the day communicating with others. Perhaps someone you might not normally speak to. Only through exposure to the new can we attempt to break free from the bondage of the past.

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3 Responses to “Dona Nobis Pacem”

  1. Here I am. Communicating with you :o ) Well Mushu too as he’s participating as well. Peace to all!

  2. I’m visiting all Peace Bloggers on Mimi’s Mr. Linky – it could take a while!

    Love your globe and message.

    Peace to you and yours. :)

  3. And wise words from you once again…”Only through exposure to the new can we attempt to break free from the bondage of the past.” Very nicely done and your globe is really lovely.

    Thank you for blogging for peace today. I have to believe that we are making a difference in our world and will continue to do so.

    Peace to you and yours,

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