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Completely out of the blue yesterday, Drew found himself promoted.  One thing about the CF – when you turn down a posting with a promotion they seem to hold it against you.  So, 6 years ago we said an emphatic no to moving to Moosejaw and spent an extra winter in Wpg before moving to Edm and Drew’s been waiting for his leaf ever since.  Finally, it’s arrived.

Too bad it didn’t come with a massive raise.  The garage is going to cost approx two grand more than the original budget.  Insulation is being put off until September.  The guys were supposed to start tearing down the old garage today but we can’t get a removal bin to the house before Wednesday.  We went with the bin option since it was about 1200$ cheaper than all of the others.  When you’re already multiple thousands over budget (and likely that’ll rise again before we’re done), you’ll take any cost savings you can find.  Overall it’s probably a good thing since Drew hasn’t put up a temporary fence for the dogs yet and we can’t have them running around the alley while the guys have part of the fence down and the garage.  Since Drew has all of next week off, he has plenty of time to find a resolution to this problem AND get the garage demolition started with the boys.

Last night we checked out a new Karaoke joint.  It’s within stumbling distance of home so no one needs to worry about finding a near non-existent cab home at the end of the night.  The crowd was pretty big and the music varied.  With dinner, the overall costs were about the same as if we’d gone to the old place.  Robin bumped into some old friends she hadn’t seen in a while.  She was always trying to get them out to the Fort and now she knows why they kept refusing ;)   I think we’ll be working this new bar into the Friday night singing tour.

Today we’re busy putting away groceries before Drew tackles removal of the other half of our hedge.  I just can’t stand the thing.  It’s been a half dead monstrosity for years.  He pulled down the other half last week (hard work digging it out) and is ready to tackle the rest with his new found non-garage demo time.

Me, I’m back doing homework.  Quel surprise!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone.

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  1. Congratulate Drew on his promotion. More money would have been nice

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