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Scribbled down on June 30th, 2008 by she
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The garage didn’t end up coming down this weekend.  30C in the shade for most of Saturday and Sunday made it far too uncomfortable for anyone to do any work.  Add to that the fact that our bin isn’t arriving until Wednesday and we needed to put it off.  On the bright side, it is completely cleaned out and Drew did spend a bit of the day yesterday tearing down all the built in benches that were inside.  He also managed to scavenge enough wood from the tear down to build us a small woodshed for our backyard firepit.  L patiently supervised Drew’s construction so it’s good looking and well made.  Highlight of the day was the death of the other side of the hedge.  Drew is going to dig out the roots on a cooler day but we’ve finally agreed on what we’ll be replacing it with.  I’d like a nice stone front with 3 small junipers on each side.  Drew isn’t 100% certain he wants junipers, but has agreed to the rocks and bush concept.  Especially since the rocks are being pulled from our driveway – where they would otherwise been buried in concrete in a few short weeks – and won’t cost us anything.

I managed to get some reading done this weekend.  Unfortunately not enough as I’m still a number of chapters behind.  I do have today and tomorrow off though, so I’ll see about finding time to get some more reading in.  This week’s dose of homework is done just under the wire.

An old friend from back home is in town visiting her brothers and we’ll be heading out to see her a little bit later today.  Until then, I think we need to take a nice trip out to the nursery to grab some plants to put in the front yard to make up for the semi-eyesore we have now that the hedges are down.  Until that area is completed we won’t be bragging about having the best looking front entryway on the street.  Even when it’s done I doubt we’d win that title – but we won’t be an embarrassment.

Isn’t home ownership fun?

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