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Scribbled down on August 30th, 2006 by she
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After my lengthy rant yesterday, I’ve nothing to write about today aside from the horrific grammatical errors I made in yesterday’s posting that I’m too lazy to clean up. Maybe I’ll leave them there as a testament to inability to string a sentence together when I’m tired and cranky.

It’s pretty obvious that I spend a lot of time reading certain sites and blogs. After all, there are a few, such as dust my broom, harold jarche, daimnation!, and stephen’s web that I link to or babble about frequently. Today, I thought I’d list off a few of my favourite places to visit this week. Sure, you could find these scrolling random blogrolls or surfing, but isn’t it more fun when a crazed loon recommends a place to hang out?

The joy of blogs is that you don’t always have to read them or agree with what’s being said. You can change your bookmarks or feed reader as often as you change your socks. In fact, I might have a mood swing and decide that the entire list of places I visit semi-frequently should change tomorrow…

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