please mr. postman

Scribbled down on October 29th, 2008 by she
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Got some good news in the mail today.  My letter of permission arrived from my university that will allow me to register in a STATs class at an alternate university for the winter semester.  Credits and grades earned for the class are guaranteed to be accepted when I apply to transfer them into my Home university.  Now all I need to do is come up with the $$ to pay for the class.

And finish the two papers currently haunting my desktop.  My fantasy life says they’ll be completed before Friday, but we all know how detailed my fantasy life can be…

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2 Responses to “please mr. postman”

  1. Yay!! One less hurdle in the way…!

    Good luck with the money for the classes – and good luck with the two papers!

  2. We’re gonna be down the street from you on Friday night. Maybe that is an incentive to finish up quick so we can buy you that drink!

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