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I was born and raised in the Maritimes. My husband is from the Golden Horseshoe region of southern Ontario. We live in Edmonton, Alberta and as a result have some pretty interesting ideas – or is that just loud opinions? – of a broad range of topics from education to military issues to politics and canadian regional identity issues. While I love the Maritimes, I’ve lost my heart to Edmonton and we purchased the most adorable 1950′s bungalow (the infamous mouse house) in 2005.

With that said, let’s move on to the fun stuff you never needed to know…

  • Born & raised: Saint John, NB
  • Paying taxes in: Edmonton, AB
  • Graduated from: University of Alberta (Adult & Con Ed), Royal Military College of Canada (Psychology)
  • Currently: M.Ed Candidate, University of Saskatchewan (Educational Technology and Design)
  • Last vacation spot: Chicago, IL
  • Last business trip: Calgary. Far cry from my days of roaming the globe.
  • Where to next?: San Diego, CA (SDCC).
  • Conferences on the horizon?: Nope. Last academic one I attended was CNIE 2010 in Saint John, NB. Participated in my first paper presentation. Go me! That said, I did get to present at a major convention (Calgary Expo) and moderated the Captain Canuck panel (Edmonton Expo) in 2014!
  • Employed: eLearning developer at the GOA.
  • Previous job title: Instructional Designer (2003-2007), eLearning Development Support (2007-2009)
  • Favourite food: Dal Makhani
  • Favourite shoes: Prada motor cycle boots followed closely by Doc Marten boots & Prada Mary Janes. Hypnos ate my blue Columbia sandals and my Josef Siebel sandals. *whaaaa*
  • Monsters: One cat (Thanatos passed away in June 2010 so we only have Beelzebub) and three dogs (Fenris passed away in April 2013, leaving Hypnos & Zoe. Then we adopted Bella). The cat, although older than the dogs, shall live forever. Yeah, I’m the cat lady. The hubby is the dog person. The animals know who loves them most…
  • Bases we’ve been posted to: CFB Gagetown, CFB Borden, CFB Winnipeg, CFB Edmonton (Namao), CFB Cold Lake (IR) – some more than once *sigh*

I’m exploring my place in the world through travel, education and introspection – thus the blog. When it comes to learning experiences, it’s predominantly a self-directed journey that often involves a lot of written reflection. I invite you to join me on the journey, challenge my views, and become part of the learning community.