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  • Do you even email bro?

    Scribbled down on August 1st, 2014 by she
    Posted in Frothing At The Bit


    There’s a new US based individual using my email address as theirs. They’re giving it out willy nilly, registering for services, sharing with friends, and driving me bonkers.

    After 10 years of getting personal messages (banking, job related, school, etc.) for “Sade” and a few months worth of messages for “Steve”, I’m now getting personal & business messages for someone named “Samudio”.

    Really people, how hard is it to learn your own email address?

    1. I’ve had this email address for well over a decade. I don’t care if we share initials or a last name, it’s mine. My precious!
    2. There’s little more annoying than getting requests to reset passwords on accounts and services I’ve registered for using my own email address. That Linked-In profile is mind gorram it!
    3. I am not US based. While I’m sure they are lovely places to visit, I don’t live in New Jersey, Brooklyn or South Carolina.  Never have. Doubt I ever will.
    4. These people are damn lucky I believe in protecting their general privacy as the personal details I know about them is incredible. And I’ve never had to google them to get any of this info!

    So much for 100 days of positivity…

    UPDATED: Feb 2015: I thought I’d suffered through it all. One should know this is never the case. A 50+ year old man in the US registered for an account on Ashley Madison using my email address a few weeks ago. The only bonus in this situation is that the company quickly responded to my request to have my email disassociated with this “gentleman’s”  account. It’s probably the only time I didn’t have to fight to get my email address off of a crazy account or mailing list.

    Birthday wishes

    Scribbled down on July 31st, 2014 by she
    Posted in Learning & Education

    For the month of August, I’m making this post sticky. Scroll down to see new posts.

    After a brief chat with PayPal, I was able to determine (and get in writing) that as a private citizen I can use their Donate button to collect funds for my birthday campaign. Feel free to send me electronic cashy monies via PayPal if contacting the University of Saskatchewan’s bookstore directly doesn’t work for you.

    I’d like to think that aside from Drew, I don’t ask for too much from anyone. This year is going to be the exception. I want something very specific for my birthday and for once it’s doesn’t revolve around charity work or volunteering.

    I’m returning to university in fall to begin my Master’s in Education. With Drew retiring soon and tuition to pay, our budget is super tight. I’m hoping that rather than sending gifts our friends and family will consider helping me pay for my course textbooks.

    The U Sask Bookstore does not offer gift certificates or gift cards for purchase online; you have to physically be on campus at the bookstore to purchase them.

    Not to fret though. I contacted the bookstore and advised them of my grand plan to beg for birthday money to spend at the university. Their wonderful staff came up with an alternative for me (and you, generous donor).  You can purchase a gift card of any amount but instead of mailing it out the bookstore will keep it on-file. So as I need books, I can email or phone in my order. The bookstore staff will then delve into the gift cards on file, swipe the card and ship the books to me.

    To purchase a gift card, phone the U Sask bookstore (perhaps ask for the lovely Elaine?)  toll free 1-888-214-8888. Do be sure to say “Hi I would like to purchase a gift card for [y'all know my name] to keep on file. U Sask Bookstore staff will create the gift card, put the name on it and send you a receipt (or keep it with the cards).

    As people make their purchase, Elaine will email or fax you your receipt. You can wish me a Happy Birthday! in the best possible way!

    Elaine recommends that you also contact me and let me know of your purchase so that I’m aware of who my marvelous benefactors are and thank you with gushing praise and all that goodness.

    *fingers and toes crossed that someone other than me thinks this is a fabulous idea*

    birthdays, school & wishful thinking

    Scribbled down on July 8th, 2014 by she
    Posted in Learning & Education

    I’m definitely heading back into student mode these days; re-adjusting the household budget to ensure we can pay for important stuff like textbooks and tuition.

    Or, like any good student would, plotting ways to encourage friends, family & random strangers to buy me gift cards from the Uni for my textbooks!

    It’s going to take a little bit of effort and co-ordination to make it happen – it’s not something they have automated (yet!) – but U Sask seems to be filled with people who are willing to go the extra mile to make the experience good for their students. 

    Which is very good for me…assuming my friends & family actually want to help me buy textbooks at the Uni bookstore.  In case anyone actually *wants* to do that (my birthday is next month!) I’ll be posting details in a few weeks.

    Par for the course

    Scribbled down on June 20th, 2014 by she
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    Muse about writing a weekly post so I don’t forget the important, or even random, things that happen in my life and *boom* a month passes. The only surprise I can claim in this is that I hadn’t noticed a month had flown by already! What I wouldn’t do for those long, lazy days of a childhood summer. We were so desperate to grow up and wanted time to pass quicker. Now I blink and entire months disappear.

    I do have some news to share. After much worry and chewing of fingernails I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be attending the Education Technology and Design program at University of Saskatchewan in the fall. It was much first choice in programs and I can’t wait to start.

    Cue the whining about course loads and homework in 3…2…1…

    A few years ago I returned to school thinking I’d shift into an entirely new career. It appears that we can’t leave the family businesses (Education OR Nursing) that easily. Just when we think we’re done, they suck us back in. After many moons of Military History and Psych classes, I know I wouldn’t make a good Therapist. I like to think I’m a decent Instructional Designer and I know I’m far happier doing this than I would have been completing mandatory counselling hours. Despite having grand plans to help others like me, I don’t think I’m cut out for regular interaction with people.

    And so we fall back on what we know. And for once, we’re content. We think.


    unread blogger

    Scribbled down on May 26th, 2014 by she
    Posted in Frothing At The Bit, Random Burbling

    I joke a lot about being an unread blogger. So much so that it’s in my twitter and FB profiles. I’ve slid away from writing over the past few years. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I’ve got limited amounts of time and have found other venues for my craziness. That said, I think I need to ponder reviving the blog.

    Months have passed between posts. I didn’t post my usual tribute to the members of my family who served in November. I didn’t post a giant celebratory message when I *finally* graduated from RMC or rant about my insecurity as I wait for notification relating to my grad school applications. There have been few posts about learning to live with a celiac diagnosis or what it’s like to spend years in a marriage with someone who is frequently away from home. Nothing about the amazing milestones our not-for-profit society has reached nor the people I’ve met through its development. I didn’t post about our family’s attempt to walk up a mountain and spread some of dad’s ashes.

    I wonder how much more time will pass before these items, already disappearing, completely fade from my memory.

    Perhaps I should start with a short weekly post. I’ve come to realize that I need the blog to act as my memory and if I don’t write my experiences, thoughts & random babbling down and stick it somewhere in the ether, I’ll never remember any of my life. Which is terribly sad in and of itself.